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Sheet Music and Guitar

Create and grow a fully  accessible & inclusive music studio experience 

A workshop series designed to walk you step-by-step through creating accessible learning environments for music students of all abilities and learning styles with confidence!

Workshop Series Overview

Discover the world of accessible music lessons! 

Every student deserves accessible private music lessons - we're here to show you how.

Whether you've been teaching lessons for years, actively growing, or just getting started, having the strategies and tools to address every kind of learner is essential to your students' music journey.

Join four diverse experts as they give you a step-by-step approach for creating and growing the AccessAble Music Studio. 

Hosted by accessibility expert and flutist Katherine Lewis, this workshop series is the first of its kind. Each workshop addresses the essential elements of accessible music lessons, curated and designed to give you the tools you need to take action with ease and confidence, and begin implementing in your studio immediately.  

You'll spend the week exploring new approaches to teach with all students' unique needs in mind, building and enhancing your studio policies, discovering and honing essential techniques and strategies you won't get in school,  
and bringing music lessons alive for your studio in a way you never thought possible.

You won't get this anywhere else! 

September 13-16, 2022
Daily at 6 pm EST*


*All sessions will be recorded for flexible attendance.

Day 1:
Series Kickoff

Join Katherine as she explores what it means to be an 'able' musician, discusses how every student (and teacher) benefits, and how to build the foundation of accessible learning for all your current and future students.

Day 2:

In today's session, Bobby Berg will transform your relationship with Self, empower you and your students to tap into the power of what makes you unique, and guide you to lead your students' musical growth through the lens of human connection.

Day 3:
Safe Studio Spaces

Lea Pearson offers exciting tools for fostering safe studio spaces through  techniques based in educational, neuroscientific, and mindfulness research to help you and your students calm the nervous system, feel at ease, and prevent injury and harm when playing.

Day 4:
Low-Income Inclusion

Today, Allison Winsor discusses a variety of inclusive and innovative ways to provide enriching and engaging music lessons
for low-income and multi-marginalized students. 


Bobby Berg is a Social and Emotional Learning Coach for at-risk youth. Bobby grew up in North Royalton. His mom dealt with drug addiction throughout his early life, and his  grandparents took him in. He found school to be electrifyingly fun, but often struggled to fully comprehend some of the topics being taught to him. Around 11th grade he was diagnosed with ADHD. For years, he’d felt like  there was something wrong with him. But when a music teacher finally related to him and his personal experiences, a flip switched. It was a defining moment that led to his pursuit in music education. In 2015, Bobby earned his Bachelor’s of Arts  in Music Education from The College of Wooster. In 2016, Bobby graduated from the United States Army  School of Music and currently performs as a clarinetist in Anchorage, Alaska.

Bobby began his speaking career in 2019 hoping to guide students to find joy in their  educational career for the 2019-2020 school year. His videos, along with his podcast, the StudentFyre Podcast, over 1,500 students have been reached. Everyone’s definition of success is different, as will be the path they walk. Bobby uses his speaking to help students realize that they can work through this emotional turmoil and develop into leaders within  their community.  

Bobby has worked with notable coaches such as Grant Baldwin, Kendall Ficklin, Kantis  Simmons, CJ Quinney, Nicky Saunders, and #1 Motivational Speaker in the world, Eric Thomas aka. ET  the hip-hop preacher.

Lea Pearson - One of the world's first Licensed Body Mapping Educators, and author of “Body Mapping for Flutists: What Every Flute Teacher Needs to Know About the Body,” Dr. Lea Pearson brings decades of experience helping thousands of musicians recover from tension, pain and injury.


Guiding performers from as far away as Japan and China, Dr. Pearson has taught at London's Guildhall School of Music and Drama, The US Air Force Band, and at more than 100 colleges, conservatories, conferences, and festivals.


Her work as a Fulbright Scholar prepared her to teach musicians the missing piece - exactly how to play freely and efficiently to create the artistry they desire.


Now a leader in the field of online studio instruction, Dr. Pearson is creating new models to help teachers engage students in deeper learning experiences. Author of several articles on the subject, she hosts “The Transformational Teacher Training Program:” a unique community of teachers learning to help students with embodied performance and injury prevention.


With a career as an active performer, college teacher, and a Kennedy Center-trained Teaching Artist, Dr. Pearson applies her vast experience, practical knowledge and pedagogical expertise to help teachers give their students lifelong strategies to play with joy and ease.


Dr. Pearson holds a D.M.A. in flute performance from The Ohio State University, was a Fulbright Scholar at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, and holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from Hampshire College and Stanford University.

Allison Winsor was born in Miami, Florida. In 2010, she graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Music in music instrumental performance. She then earned her master’s in music performance from University of North Texas, where she was also a teaching fellow. Following her studies, she was an adjunct lecturer at Northeastern State University and in the adjunct pool for Lock Haven University, and recorded multiple reference discs for the Teaching Music through Performance series, volume 9. She maintained a full private studio and was a substitute flutist with multiple ensembles, including the New World Symphony, Lake Dallas Orchestra, and the Lone Star Wind Orchestra, and was the artistic director for the Williamsport Flute Choir in Pennsylvania.

In July of 2016, Allison enlisted into the Pennsylvania National Guard as part of the 28th Infantry Division Band, and entered Active Duty in August of 2018. Since then presented at multiple universities as a clinician, and held private studios throughout her assignments. She has performed in Texas, Oklahoma, Washington and Hawaii as a part of her service to the country.

She currently lives in Olympia, Washington with her husband Daniel, and has a 7 year old daughter named Clara. She enjoys cooking, karaoke, and gardening, and volunteers at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, singing and playing the flute in their choir and contemporary band.


Who It's For:

Teachers curious what it means to teach music accessibly - and how to do it

Private music teachers excited about inclusion of students of all levels and abilities

Anyone trying to grow their studio effectively

Music teachers looking for new, creative and fun ways to engage their students

Music teachers of all kinds! 


Outside Power with Instruments Cropped (

About Your Host

Katherine is a consultant and disability advocate throughout the U.S. She is a retired flutist of the Unites States Army, where she served as associate principle flutist and resident Woodwind Quintet director. Katherine has conducted accessibility training workshops with organizations of every size and has presented lectures at conferences, universities and public schools across the US in Missouri, Kansas, Arizona, Virginia, California, and Alaska, sharing her experiences to promote equity and inclusion in a variety of spaces.

She first became involved in advocacy when her own disabilities ended her military music career. Katherine spent years seeking accessibility in the music industry and abroad, only to be frustrated and disappointed. So she founded Access Reimagined to create meaningful change. Katherine uses her personal experience with both visible and non-visible disabilities to educate and empower others to take action for a more equitable future in the marketplace, particularly in music education. 

After discovering instrument modification as a meaningful way forward for herself, Katherine dedicated herself to changing what it means to be 'able' as a working musician. Today she uses her experiences as a disabled performer and educator to help create a more equitable, inclusive, and accessible music industry and learning experience for all creatives. She has presented lectures and training with the National Flute Association and numerous private studios. 

Katherine is a member of the NFA Diversity and Inclusion Committee and Performance Health Committee and is an active writer for online publications to include Medium, Thrive Global, Flutist Quarterly, The Advocacy Magazine, among others. 


Locally, Katherine enjoys an active private flute studio. She holds a B.A. in Flute Performance from Arkansas Tech University and an M.A. in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management from Colorado State University.

What's Included:

After registering, you'll receive detailed information for joining each session and instant access to the series portal.

4 exclusive live + recorded workshop sessions

10+ instant downloads for building your studio's accessible teaching foundations

Step-by-step guide to writing effective and inclusive studio policies and procedures

8-page encyclopedia of adaptive teaching tools & strategies

Samples and helpful hints for recruiting accessibly

First lesson flowchart for assessing and meeting every student's learning needs

How-to guide to building an accessible studio culture

Intake questionnaire for new and returning students

...And so much more!


The standard investment for The AccessAble Music Studio is:


Sliding Scale

In an effort to make The AccessAble Music Studio as accessible as possible in every way, we also accept sliding-scale registrations.

Designed with financial access in mind, registrants pay on a sliding scale, meaning pay what you are able. No application or explanation required.

However, if you are able, we ask that you pay the full registration, as 100% goes to supporting and fairly compensating all panelists for their time and invaluable expertise.

Sliding Scale

Workshop Accessibility

It is our utmost priority to make this workshop accessible to all attendees. The following accessibility features will be provided:

Closed Captioning
Visual descriptions
Downloads compatible with assistive technology

If you have any additional accessibility needs, please let us know here

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have disabled students. Why should I attend? 
Great question. Accessible teaching is for ALL music students, regardless of ability

What is accessibility and why does it matter to me?
Accessibility ensures all people are able to thrive in any environment. Because music is so powerful, creating those opportunities for our students should be our #1 priority. 

What if I can't make the live workshop?

No worries, each session is recorded and uploaded to the portal.

What if I can't come to all of them or have to leave early?
That's okay. You'll have access to the members only workshop portal which will have all the recordings, handouts, exercises, and downloads for your convenience.

The workshop sounds great, but how do I know I'm the right person for it?
The AccessAble Music Studio is for any and all private music educators looking to engage and empower their students in creative, holistic, and exciting new ways and reach their fullest potential!

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