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Katie's journey...

You're a business owner with heart, and you want everyone in your community to feel seen, welcome, and safe...

You want to build a business that is actually inclusive and accessible to all.

Katie stands in front of a snowy forest smiling.
Katie stands in the snow wearing a formal dress. She is holding a flute and piccolo.

Hi, I'm Katie

Seven years ago, I was living my dream. I was working as a professional, full-time flutist in the Army Band, traveling regularly performing and seeing the world…doing exactly what I had always dreamed of!

Until everything changed.

I was diagnosed with multiple debilitating illnesses and permanent injuries, and it ended my career. My life was turned completely upside down and I quickly had to re-learn basically my entire way of moving through life to now accommodate my new needs.d me. 


Eventually I reacclimated, adjusted, and started a second career.. As someone who has always been artistic, I found my way to working in a variety of creative spaces including graphic design, community engagement, and marketing.


And while I loved still being able to utilize my creativity, it became blatantly clear that the world (especially the professional one) simply was not built for people like me.

Those with disabilities.
Access barriers.
Anyone in the margins.

I felt like the world that was once at my fingertips was now miles away. Even simple things like navigating a website was difficult because the design and function didn't work with my assistive tech. Living on disability benefits meant paying for products or services was a delicate balance. Even working with a coach became impossible because they didn't create spaces for me to thrive.


Even though I saw so much innovation and opportunity happening around me as the digital education space blew up, I literally couldn’t even access or benefit from any of the amazing things people were creating thanks to my new set of needs.


And I’m not the only one.

Katie site outside in the snow with her elbow on her knee and smiling.
Katie twirls in the snow.

The reality is nearly 40% of people actually have some type of accessibility need.

 And to make things even less straightforward, accessibility is more than disability. There are number of access barriers, and each one impacts your community in unique ways.


Yes, this makes your job as a business owner a tad more tricky.


But the good news is: 

I’m here to guide you through the entire process, so you can ensure you’re not inadvertently excluding anyone from all of the incredible things you have to offer.

And the truth is, by building your business in a way that is truly accessible and inclusive to everyone will finally allow you to do things like:

Expand your reach instead of automatically alienating up to 40% of your people

Which will then allow you to grow faster

Which also means your income will be able to grow as well


So you can finally have the impact you’re looking for.

Fun facts about me


Kind words

Katherine is changing the game of accessibility in the modern economy and making possible what so many in the community believed was impossible

-- Kathleen

Ready to embark on your


Empowering compassionate entrepreneur and small business owners (like you!) to finally build and grow fully inclusive and accessible businesses so they can serve their communities more fully and finally have the impact they want and deserve.

Polaroid of Katie holding a map in the car.
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