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Inclusion is a journey...
        ... And it starts with accessibility

Empowering compassionate entrepreneurs & small business owners (like you!) to finally build & grow a fully-inclusive business…without sacrificing profit. 

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It’s time to grab your compass, friend, because the world of digital marketing is changing. 


My heart is overflowing that one of these changes is that people are finally catching on to the fact that doing business in a way that celebrates diversity, sees customers as more than dollar signs, and doesn't resort to shady, manipulative tactics is the way of the future.⁣


Unfortunately, many people are still missing a huge piece of the puzzle as they work towards building a fully inclusive & people-first business model:


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[Accessible: ac-ces-si-ble; adjective]

Capable of being used, seen, and understood by ALL

The reality is that almost 40% of people have an accessibility need directly related to the digital space…⁣

And only 2% of businesses are doing anything about it.


So what does this mean for you, friend? Well, let me grab my flashlight and shine a light on the opportunity sitting in front of ya: 


Right now, you have the chance to take advantage of an enormous (and virtually untapped) market. And let’s get real - you’re really damn good at what you do, but even after trying strategy after strategy, you’re still not reaching as many people as you’d like. Lean in close, friend, because here’s the secret:

It’s not a strategy problem, it’s an accessibility problem. 

By making your business truly accessible to ALL, you will finally be able to have the reach & impact you deserve.


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True inclusion is a journey - one best taken through collaboration. Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners to embark on a self-paced course with biweekly group coaching calls PLUS four 1:1 calls for direct feedback & support at every step.




The digital space is the next frontier for small businesses, but most of it is still completely untapped potential. Spoiler alert, in order to have the massive impact you want (& deserve) to have…accessibility is not optional, it’s required. A 1:1 accessibility audit will shine light on the areas of your business where you can improve your accessibility, as well as a custom action plan on how to get started.






Are you committed to making sure your business is actually inclusive and accessible to everyone in your audience? We’ll work together 1:1 as we go through your business top to bottom to not just audit - but implement.

I cannot say enough how important Katie is to anyone wanting to build a real career. She is literally serving the answers on a silver platter and making huge waves in the realm of accessibility in the process. If you want to grow a business that makes all people feel welcome, you're in the right place.
Bobby, Consultant
Yasenia, Business Owner
Katherine is changing the game of accessibility in the modern economy and making possible what so many in the community believed was impossible
Kathleen, Advocate

Kind Words

“Before working with Katherine I had this idea for something great but didn’t know how to make it happen. Investing in this program changed my life. I had tried other coaches and just felt so burnt out. Katherine showed me how to set everything up the right way from day #1 so I can focus on the impact I want to make in my business rather than constantly stressing about the backend. It’s built to last and grow from the start. Plus it puts people truly at the center of every decision, which is something you don’t see too often in the digital marketing space. I felt so empowered going through this program. Going from nothing to living my dream is truly an amazing experience. And this made it all possible.”