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Flute Modification: Renewing Flutist' Voices Through Innovation and Artistry

This page includes an audio version of the text article and image descriptions of each of the images seen throughout the text edition.

Audio File
Flute Modification: Renewing Flutist' Voices Through Innovation and Artistry 

Flute Modification Audio Version
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Image Descriptions

Title Page: 

[A grey and black gradient background with three flute keys in the foreground. The keys have round metal additions on them and a piece of cork is seen peeking out from under the flute. Above, white bold text reads “Flute Modification: Renewing Flutist’ Voices Through Innovation and Artistry”. Text in the right-hand corner reads “Cork supports are among a medley of devices - professionally crafted and homemade using household objects - that flutists can use to sustain their playing lives” In all caps to the right reads “Left photo courtesy of Kelly Mollnow Wilson.”]


Article Intro: 

[A plum rectangle background with white text that reads “by Katherine Lewis”. Below is a photo of Katherine. In front of a grey backdrop, Katherine sits facing the camera. Katherine is a light-skinned woman with dark brown long hair over her shoulders. She is wearing a music note dress, silver drop earrings, and rectangle black glasses. She is grinning.]


Article Body (Listed from left column to right as encountered while reading): 


Page 1: 

[A round photo with a grey background. Sandy Drelinger is sitting in front facing the camera with his head slightly tilted to the right. He is an older light-skinned man with short grey hair and is wearing a maroon polo-type shirt. He has small gold round glasses on and is smiling.] 


[A round photo with a light brown background and Jim Germann in front. Jim is a light-skinned man with short auburn hair and a dark shirt on. He is facing the camera playing an alto flute.]


Page 2: 

[A round sepia-colored photo of Adam Pettry. Adam is a young light-skinned man facing the camera with his left hand resting on his temple. He has short dark hair and a bit of facial hair. He is wearing a light button-up shirt, a dark vest, and a bowtie.]


[A round photo of Alexa Still with dark grey background. Alexa is a light-skinned woman with light curly shoulder-length hair over her shoulders and pulled back on top. She is facing the camera with her head tilted slightly to the right with a grin on her face. She is wearing a blue shirt, small drop earrings, and has lipstick on.]


[A round photo of Maarten Visser with a room in the background. Maarten is a light-skinned man with curly auburn hair and a red shirt on. He is facing the camera.]


Page 3: 

[A round photo with a technician’s table with various cubbies and tools in the background. John Lunn is on the right facing to the left working on a flute. John is a light-skinned man with short dark hair and a greying goatee. He is wearing a black shirt, oval dark glasses, and technician glasses over them on his head. He is smiling.]


[A rectangle photo of the top part of a flute with a light background. The flute has a gel attached where the left hand rests and a plastic piece covering the first index key.]


[A square photo of Kelly playing her flute with modifications, view from the top of the flute’s left hand section. Kelly is wearing a light blue t-shirt and jeans. Her left hand has a gold ring on the ring finger. The flute has a red pad on where the left hand rests and a plastic piece on the left index key.]


[A square photo of Nicole and a male pianist at a recital. On a tan marbled texture stage with light wood paneling backdrop and grand piano. A light-skinned man wearing a black suit is sitting playing the piano with music on it. Niicole stands in front all in black with her flute in her hand and her custom brace on. Nicole is a dark-skinned woman with short black hair. She is wearing black glasses and facing at an angle to her right. Her brace can be seen holding her left arm up and strapped to her waste. It is black with a grey section around her waist. There is a stand with music on it in front of NIcole and a microphone in the left bottom corner.]


Page 4: 

[A square close-up photo of Nicole’s midsection wearing her brace. Nicole is to the left wearing a dark sweater and facing her left. The brace is strapped to Nicole’s body with black straps with buckles over her right shoulder. A grey plate rests on her midsection. And a grey and black elbow rest is attached.]

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