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Consulting Packages

Reach farther and serve better

by making your business truly accessible to ALL

Your people are ready for a breath of fresh air--

and I’m here to support you & your business so you can deliver just that. Flashlight at the ready, we’ll work together to dive into your business to make sure your materials (& practices if you’re ready for the deep dive) are accessible.


By ensuring your business is truly inclusive, you’ll no longer have to worry about only reaching a portion of your people…you’ll now have the opportunity to reach & impact all of them.

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You're a business owner who wants to make your people feel understood, valued, and supported

We both know you’re good at what you do…you’ve seen results on repeat, and your clients keep coming back for more. But you can’t help but feel like something’s missing. Even though you’re already reaching goals, you still feel called for more. You know the work you do changes lives, and you’re ready to reach as many people as possible…not just a select few. 

You’re passionate about what you do and you're passionate about your people… and you want a a business that makes impact and income.

Well, friend, I’m here to tell you that while the world of business may make it seem like you can only have one...


You don’t have to choose.

You get to have both.

And I’m here to show you how to do that by making your business accessible to all.

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Ready to start your journey? Here's how it works: 


Choose your package


Submit your inquiry form


Grow your reach & impact



Accessibility support for your entire business journey

Accessible Brand & Web Design

Your brand and website are the doorway to your business. Think of them as the very first steps on the path to working with you. 

Research shows design directly impacts brand trust. People make the decision to buy based on design accessibility up to 40% of the time. For disabled users, that number skyrockets to 76%! (Remember, 1 in 4 people)

Make buying an easy "yes!" with accessible branding and web design. Whether you're just getting started or you're a seasoned pro, I've got something for you.


Choose between a personalized accessibility refresh or custom design projects.

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Accessible Marketing Consulting

You want to attract all the right people to your business without doing harm. 

That's where accessible marketing comes in. In today's market, consumers want marketing that matches their values, represents them, and makes them feel safe. Yet, less than half think brands accomplish that goal.

I'm here to help you stand out as one of the few! We'll work together to asses and craft a marketing strategy that speaks directly to your diverse community, makes them feel valued, seen, and supported, and calls them in.

Already have marketing? I'll help you make small changes to improve accessibility and make even greater impact.

Comprehensive Accessibility Support

If you're ready to dive in and make your entire business accessible, this is for you! 

Fully accessible business is more than design and marketing. It's a culture. It includes your whole business ecosystem: especially your day-to-day strategy.

In addition to crafting an accessible front-end, we'll work together to help you adopt a back-end culture of accessibility. You'll gain everything from hiring, onboarding and customer care practices, to policy  and employee engagement recommendations. And so much more!


What's Included?

Brand or Web


Design Projects


Custom accessibility
guide and action roadmap

Robust testing and updates
for brand/site

Custom accessible branding and/or website

design consulting

Accessible + Inclusive marketing coaching

Business policy and practice consulting









Brand messaging
and copy review

What's Included

I was delighted to find Katie. She worked patiently with my neurodiversity and we worked closely to design a stunning accessible brand and site. The feedback has already been amazing!

-- Alison

Katie is an incredible resource and guide. She was so easy and helpful to work with and I'm so grateful for the work she is doing in this world and the difference she's making by helping to educate others. I couldn't recommend her enough and I'm excited to do my part.

-- Taylor

Working with Katie has been a true pleasure. She changed the way I think about marketing and gave me the tools I need to run my business in a way that feels good.

-- Bobbi

Hi there, I'm Katie

I empower compassionate small business owners and entrepreneurs to build and grow fully inclusive and accessible businesses so they can serve their communities more fully and finally have the impact they want and deserve.


After disability ended my dream career as an Army musician, I decided to start something new. As someone who has always been artistic, I found my way to working in a variety of creative spaces including graphic design, community engagement, and marketing.

And while I loved still being able to utilize my creativity, it became blatantly clear that the world (especially the professional one) simply was not built for me - and I'm far from the only one! 

I'm here to guide and support you in making your business accessible and inclusive to ALL people in a way that aligns with your values, supports your goals, and benefits your community and your business!

Katie stands in a snowy forest smiling.

Here's what others have asked!

I saw you offered free consultations. How is this different? 

Great question. Accessibility is often new to people. Especially for small business owners, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start, especially when time and money are limited (definitely get that). To help folks find the best path for them and their business, a brief intro call can be highly effective. If you already know you want to start your journey, access audits are a great first step. They give you the opportunity to establish exactly where your biz currently stands when it comes to accessibility and inclusion and discover where (and how) to start taking action to make it even better. 


Awesome, is it the same for every business?

No. What’s great about access audits is they’re completely customized to your business, goals, and team. We’ll discuss a variety of touchpoints in your current strategies and structures, have open conversations about you, your values, and work together to develop the most effective way forward that works best. You’ll walk away with a detailed report of where your business is now, an overview of accessibility and why it’s essential to business success, customized recommendations, and a detailed roadmap full of actionable steps for implementing them moving forward (whether you do it with me or DIY). 


I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

I love questions! There are a few ways to get in touch with me. You can fill out the contact form here on my website, email me at or reach out on social media at @accessreimagined.

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