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Land Acknowledgement

Access Reimagined is currently based in San Diego, California on the unceded territory of the  Lənape Haki-nk (Lenni-Lenape) Nation. 

We are a fully remote team that frequently moves throughout the United States and internationally. We acknowledge the Indigenous people past and present whose traditional and unceded territory we are gathered on, including:

DEIA Statement

We believe in the diversity and inclusion of people regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and religion. This includes thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and experiences. We are a pro-inclusion and anti-racism organization dedicated to upholding and enforcing policies to support it.

We believe that everyone has had their own unique experience which informs their perspective and worldview. We don’t discount or diminish anyone’s experience because it doesn’t align with our own experience. We listen, we seek to understand, even if we cannot always come to a common belief.


We put the human first in the work that we do. We recognize our common humanity as well as what makes us different, both as individuals, as groups, as communities, and culturally.

We are always learning. We recognize and acknowledge the privilege we were born into and use that privilege to help others, wherever possible.  We do our best to educate ourselves and as a company, we do our best to educate our team through quarterly DEI trainings, general team trainings, and other activities that build the team culture and reinforce an environment that’s physically, psychologically, and emotionally safe for everyone. We read books, we watch movies and tv shows that allow us to gain new understandings and question the world around us, and we engage in discussions about the current topics that are shaping our day-to-day lives.

We seek out diversity in every form when we’re hiring for a position, whether that’s ethnic, cultural, location, educational, or other forms of diversity. We recognize that people build experience and expertise in a variety of ways.

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