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Accessible Sexual Health

Advancing access to sexual health for people with disabilities.

ID: A mood board with several photos of sexual health symbols and diverse couples. Colors include grey, yellow, lavender, and plum.

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Project Scope

The first step in creating a powerful brand ecosystem for Nellie was to craft a stunning representation of the intersections her community holds. The goal was to make clear a sex-positive, gender-affirming mission and attract a variety of clients. We crafted a custom logo rooted in deep symbolism. It represents the intersection of sexuality and the human experience, the community of people ASH serves, and an awakening that leads to equity in all areas of life. We were drawn to the universal accessibility symbol, matched with swirls indicative of the letter "A" to show the deep connection between the organization and human access. 

We translated these symbols throughout the site design - focusing on the wave to divide page sections in a creative, exciting, and on-brand method. Imagery was mindful of the color palette as well as the wide array of humans Nellie serves every day.


ID: Three-part mockup of Accessible Sexual health homepage.

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