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Get ready to Work + Thrive
in any workplace environment!

Introducing Capable Careers

A course created to help you confidently build the

accessible work environment you deserve.

Are you tired of working your tail off just to have inaccessible work environments get in the way?

Whether you're looking for a job or you already have one, accessibility is ALWAYS the problem!

Unfortunately, most training and resources available focus on one thing - getting the job...

Here's the reality...

This way of doing things has us:

Giving up control to a system designed against us

Unable to reach our fullest potential

Left only scratching the surface of accessible employment

Stuck not knowing how to build and enjoy the careers we actually want (and deserve)

You need a proven method to:

Identify your unique needs, communicate them effectively, and break through barriers

Advocate for yourself
so you can enjoy

REAL accessibility
and thrive

 Focus back on your work AND balance life with disability 

Working with a disability
in a career with a disability
are NOT the same thing.

Picture this...

You walk into your office, sit down at your desk and look around knowing what a valuable and irreplaceable member of the team you are. You know your worth (and your rights) like the back of your hand. So well so that if the need arises you are fully equipped and empowered to communicate what you need so you succeed no matter what environment you are in.

But that's just the beginning. You feel confident in your work and know exactly how to advocate for yourself. In fact, your methods are so effective that you're able to focus on your work more, accomplish your goals easier, earn more, and finally feel fulfilled in your career.

It's literally at your fingertips!

Unit One


You have a unique purpose when it comes to workplace accessibility. Whether you're a disabled professional seeking accommodation and inclusive spaces, or an organizational leader ready to create them, getting to the heart of your mission is the first step.

In this section we'll explore the building blocks of effective action, establish your leadership, and create habits that will be the foundation for your success.

Unit Two


If you don't nail down your  and embrace your worth, neither will your boss & co-workers. In this first section, we focus on owning what makes us invaluable assets to the organizations and workplaces we're a part of - and how to effectively use it. We're going to learn the 4 keys to advocating for yourself and bringing leaders to action (without burning yourself out). This section also covers unlocking the networking algorithm, building allies and workplace disclosure strategies. 

Unit Three

Build Your Foundation

You’re amazing. You know it and I know it. But unfortunately no matter how amazing you are or if you have all the qualifications in the world, that won’t automatically mean you have an accessible work environment. 

In this section, you'll build the foundation for your accessibility journey - Your Workplace Inventory. Designed to get to the heart of your accessibility needs, you'll start asking the right questions and discover things you probably hadn't even considered. You'll also learn the strategies for communicating your needs in the most effective and relatable way. We'll overcome your fears and confusion with the accommodations process, implement creative methods for making change, and teach you how to use your unique gifts to optimize impact. 

Unit Four


Now that you're confident and have your foundation, let's learn to put everything together and leverage this to make your work environment as accessible and inclusive as possible. Because by creating an accessible environment, we can then thrive. By using my targeted Access Alliance Method, you'll communicate your needs without fear, discover creative ways to overcome objections, and begin implementing your access design. We'll also take the steps towards a workplace culture designed to be sustainable and scalable so you can create and build accessible and inclusive spaces, no matter what workplace you find yourself.

Why Capable Careers?

Capable Careers is the first and ONLY program of its kind! 

Designed BY a real disabled professional with other disabled professionals in mind, Capable Careers addresses the accessibility must-haves while acknowledging the need for creative solutions for meeting that end goal. 

Capable Careers walks you through every facet of the professional experience, helping you build skills and strategies for meaningful action so you can confidently self-advocate, reach your goals, and feel fulfilled.

Who Capable Careers is For:

Current disabled professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to get, keep, and thrive in their careers

Arrow Bullet Point.png

Professionals at any stage ready to work in an accessible and inclusive environment, make a living, AND do what they love

Hammer Icon.png

Leaders excited to build and create the accessible and inclusive spaces professionals of all abilities need to succeed 

Arrow Bullet Point.png

People wanting to know exactly step-by-step how to advocate for themselves and their needs in the workplace

Anyone who's had their career affected or ended due to disability or chronic condition and wondering "what next?"

What's Included:

After enrolling in this course, you'll get instant access to everything you need to begin implementing your Capable Career strategy including:

10+ training videos

Your very own 25-page workbook

8 bonus worksheets/handouts

Step-by-step guides for conducting your Workplace Inventories and Access Design

My top-10 list for overcoming objections

My go-to resource list for knowing your rights and securing accommodations

Access to the exact strategies that have gotten me consistent accommodations in 3 industries and helped my clients do the same

My 8-page go-to communication cheat sheet for overcoming barriers

CC Enrollment

Enroll in

Cap           Careers


For Only


  • Instant lifetime access

  • Regular updated materials & modules

  • Access to my private FB community for added support and empowerment

Payment Plan

6 monthly payments of $35

  • Instant lifetime access

  • Regular updated materials & modules

  • Access to my private FB community for added support and empowerment

Course Alliance Program

In an effort to make Capable Careers as accessible as possible in every way, we accept applicants for our Course Alliance Program.

Because you deserve the future waiting for you in here!

Designed with financial access in mind, applicants pay on a sliding scale, meaning pay what you are able. Submissions are reviewed by a panel of disabled judges.

The Course Alliance Program is made possible by donations and applicant sponsors.

Would you like to contribute to the program fund? 

Sponsor an applicant:

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