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Katie stands in a snowy forest smiling.

Hi there, I'm


I empower compassionate small business owners and entrepreneurs to build and grow fully inclusive and accessible businesses so they can serve their communities more fully and finally have the impact they want and deserve.


After disability ended my dream career as an Army musician, I decided to start something new. As someone who has always been artistic, I found my way to working in a variety of creative spaces including graphic design, community engagement, and marketing.

And while I loved still being able to utilize my creativity, it became blatantly clear that the world (especially the professional one) simply was not built for me - and I'm far from the only one! 

I'm here to guide and support you in making your business accessible and inclusive to ALL people in a way that aligns with your values, supports your goals, and benefits your community and your business!

Where You May Have Seen Me

Ready to embark on your


Empowering compassionate entrepreneur and small business owners (like you!) to finally build and grow fully inclusive and accessible businesses so they can serve their communities more fully and finally have the impact they want and deserve.

Polaroid of Katie holding a map in the car

It's time to grab your compass, friend, because the world of business is changing

My heart is overflowing that one of these changes is that people are finally catching on to the fact that doing business in a way that celebrates diversity, sees customers as more than dollar signs, and doesn't resort to shady, manipulative tactics is the way of the future.⁣


Unfortunately, many people are still missing a huge piece of the puzzle as they work towards building a fully inclusive & human-first business model:


ac-ces-si-ble / ek'seseb(e)l /


Capable of being used, seen, and understood by all

Katie sits in front of a gray backgrop. She is wearing a music note dress.

So what does that mean
for you,

Well, let me shine a light on the opportunity sitting in front of you:

Right now, you have the chance to take advantage of an enormous (and virtually untapped) market.


And let’s get real - you’re really good at what you do, but even after trying strategy after strategy, you’re still not reaching as many people as you’d like.

Lean in close, friend, because here’s the truth:

It's not a strategy problem.
It's an accessibility problem.

By making your business truly accessible to ALL, you will finally be able to have the reach & impact you deserve.

The reality is that almost 40% of people have an accessibility need directly related to the digital space...

And only 2% of businesses are doing anything about it.

Choose your own adventure

The digital space is the next frontier for small businesses, but most of it is still completely untapped potential. Spoiler alert, but in order to have the massive impact you want (& deserve) to have…accessibility is not optional, it’s required. A 1:1 accessibility audit will shine light on the areas of your business where you can improve your accessibility, as well as a custom action plan on how to do it.


Accessibility Audits


Design & Strategy

Are you committed to making sure your business is actually inclusive and accessible to everyone in your audience? We’ll work together 1:1 as we go through your business top to bottom to not just audit - but implement. These completely customizable packages include everything from accessible branding, web and digital design and development, marketing strategy, and behind-the-scenes systems to ensure every part of  your business is as accessible and inclusive as possible.


True inclusion is a journey - one best taken through collaboration. Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners on a self-paced journey of curiosity, collaboration, and community. You'll discover how to leverage the power of accessibility in your own business to make lasting impact. Includes biweekly group coaching calls PLUS four 1:1 calls for direct feedback & support at every step throughout your journey.

Training & Workshops

Journey Start

Kind words

Katherine is changing the game of accessibility in the modern economy and making possible what so many in the community believed was impossible

-- Kathleen

Grow easier today with accessibility in mind.

A camera and tablet sit on a map. The tablet has the cover of "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Accessible Design" on the screen.

I'm all about making business better for everyone - especially YOU. That's why I want you to have my free accessibility roadmap. It's full of helpful tools and tips for reaching more people, serving them better, and making more money in the process. 

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